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A Bulk Gallery Download button for my Visitors

[Admin update Jan 8, 2015: Merged multiple ideas. Including their text here]

We are run a underwear company and have several large fashion shoots each year. We shoot and retouch anywhere between 50-100 per shoot. Our clients do not want to click download 100 times. The inability to download entire gallery may be a deal breaker. As the owner of account I can download entire gallery. This should be an easy funtion to add to site?


My *fantasy Bulk Download *looks like a button that shows up on every page of my private gallery where I have enabled the Bulk Download Feature on. The button says something like "download all photos in this gallery". And if they click it they get a message somehow that says something like: "great! i'm on it, it'll take a while and i'll send you a link when it's ready"


I share quite a bit with family and friends, and it can get frustrating when someone puts up pictures you'd like to save to your computer or add to one of your albums (perhaps from the same event).

I propose one of two options: either a user-specific sharing system that allows specified SmugMug users to have full-download access to another user's gallery, or a simple on-off switch (in gallery settings) for full-download functionality.

As an example, a few of us go on vacation. We all have different cameras and upload pictures to our respective SmugMug pages. I would like my family/friends to see ALL the pictures from my trip regardless of who took them, but to download each photo one at a time from three other galleries gets quite tedious.

Similarly, I may want to put together an album (a real one, not digital) of all the photos from our trip. Again, bulk downloads would be great in this case.


Recently I was sent a link to download all photos from a friends gallery online(using another service). It was great a straight forward as he sent me a link and a password and I downloaded all my images into a folder of choice. I really would appreciate something like this as well over the current download all method. where I must wait and forward a bunch of random links to my clients and the album names are randomly numbered


I provide visitors with password-protected access to galleries and allow them to download original size photos. This is time consuming to do one at a time. Others have requested a "download entire gallery" function for visitors, but I'd like to suggest a "Mark" feature which would be useful in several ways. Users would "Mark" photos as they are browsing, and then be able to take action on the Marked photos, such as Download All Marked, or Buy (if enabled) or Get Prints, etc.


Allow bulk download for visitors with owner specified max-allowed size and possibly custom renaming or keep the original naming.

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    Trish Tunney shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
    Completed  ·  AdminMark MacAskill (Admin, SmugMug) responded  · 

    Today, we added a Gallery Setting to show or hide download buttons in your gallery. If it is On, a ‘Download All’ button will appear near the top of the gallery, allowing your visitors and clients to request a zip file containing the entire gallery.

    You can also choose to have a password in order to further control who can get the photos.

    It is available for all account levels.

    More about the feature here: http://news.smugmug.com/2015/06/23/new-feature-gallery-downloads-for-your-visitors/


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      • Allison Marcroft commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Hi! Love this feature but I have run into one caveat; when you have already requested a download if you add more photos to the album and then request a download again it doesn't refresh the .zip file and add the additional pictures. :( Can you find a way to allow us to tell them that it needs to be refreshed or zipped again?


      • Darius commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Apologies if this isn't the right place for this, as I'm new to the feedback feature.

        I would like to see a "multiple gallery" download capability of some sort. I have a lot of galleries, and it's cumbersome even with this amazing "bulk download" feature that Smugmug has worked on for so long, to back up each of them, one at a time,multiple steps for each. So please, in addition to allowing the download of all photos in a gallery (my mind swirls with amazement), can you add a "true bulk download" for more than one gallery at a time (my mind is completely blown trying to think about this).

        Seriously. I've tried telling Smugmug about this a bunch of times. Crickets. I own the photos and I pay Smugmug to manage them. Make it easy for me to get all my photos downloaded. I'm not leaving, I promise. I just want my local NAS to have a complete copy so I can sleep better at night.

      • Kevin commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I agree with "Magnus" and "Me".

        What is very troubling is smugmug made the decision to change my gallery settings based on my account type and gallery settings. If the change had caution and security in mind, OK. A warning would be nice. But this was the complete opposite. To say I am disappointed would be an understatement.

      • Michelle commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Though grateful for this feature, I would also love the ability to download SELECTED photos. The parents I know do NOT want to download over 500 photos of a school event; they want to mark the ones of their child plus some selected photos of general interest.

        @Mark: Can we hope that you are planning to implement added functionality on this, or should we put in a separate feature request? In the latter case, I would just take one of the ideas that were once merged into this one:

        [begin quote]
        Others have requested a "download entire gallery" function for visitors, but I'd like to suggest a "Mark" feature which would be useful in several ways. Users would "Mark" photos as they are browsing, and then be able to take action on the Marked photos, such as Download All Marked, or Buy (if enabled) or Get Prints, etc.
        [end quote]

      • Magnus Becker commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        @Mark: Thank you very much for your reply and the clarification for the hidden files. That is very good indeed.

        I think the explaination of "Me" how this is to complicated for many users (besides collecting unessecary private data) should get more attention. I personally would compare it with a car that has no roof. Yes, it still brings you where you want to go and you can try to sell it, like Michael does as a feature (a cabriolet), but you'll have to wear clothes like an Eskimo in winter and bring an umbrella when it is raining. Nothing a customer would buy as a car. Since this is the only car we seem to get we obviously don't have a choice, but it's not a feature I'd say that shines representative for mentioned (by Michael) SmugMug quality.

        Personally I really hope that this is indeed a quick fix first version (totally fine), but that the we'll get a roof for the car in reasonable time. I'm quite pessimistic about that though, considering the history.

      • Michael Allie commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        There seems to be some complaining about the limitations of this feature. Let me say that SmugMug is really one of the most robust solutions out there for the money and is a leader in many ways.

        What has been implemented should be able to work for everyone. We had an ability to provide one at a time downloads, and now we can give people the whole gallery. We also have password protection as an option.

        Sometimes "less is more", and in this case, as far as I'm concerned, we now have everything. There can always be more bells and whistles, as there can always be more complexity. For my money, I am pleased that we have a clean and simple implementation and I appreciate MacAskill and the gang stepping up to the plate on this. I can now do it all, and am thankful for that.

      • AdminMark MacAskill (Admin, SmugMug) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        In many cases, it does start creating the zip file immediately after entering an email address.

        We require an email address for two main reasons: so that the visitor won't have to wait on the page for the zip(s) to be created and so that they have the link in an email in case the download is interrupted or they want to download it again later. I understand the concerns, but many people consider the emails a convenience rather than a hindrance.

        In some cases, we do require a quick and simple email verification step. This is only for public galleries without either a gallery password or a download password. It's unfortunately necessary to prevent or at least limit abuse.

      • Me commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Thanks but ... not to seem ungrateful but ... I have to admit I'm disappointed as well.

        I'm glad it's possible but it sounds like the implementation isn't anywhere near what it should be ... especially after waiting this long for such a basic (IMHO) feature.

        I haven't tried it yet (due to technical reasons on my end) but if it is as people say in the comments on the product release, it's a tiny, minute, baby step to getting where it needs to be. If the process is 1) hitting the button that 2) generates an email to the user which 3) they then have to verify, then 4) they are sent the link to the zip file that they then have to download is how it works ... it's pretty involved for most users to do. I can't possibly think of my mom or grandma being able to do this. It needs to be just hit the button and the pictures start downloading at its most basic.

        I agree with Magnus, there have been many great suggestions on how this could be done and we've waited waaaayyyy too long for this feature to have it be this basic. All you've done is basically move the functions that the gallery owner had to do and pushed that on to the user with the added step of having to verify their email. I agree that it's a start and I'm thankful to at least have that but please don't tell me we have to wait just as long to have it be an easy process for the end user. It will work for some of my uses but not for the grandma set.

        Do we need to open a new issue on here to put in the requests to get it where it needs to be (i.e. downloads all immediately, being able to select and download only the ones they want, specifying a max size limit, etc.)? Since this issue is closed I'm guessing adding more comments here won't help. Please let us know if that is what we need to do.

        I do appreciate that you did allow for password protection. Thanks.

      • AdminMark MacAskill (Admin, SmugMug) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Hi Magnus,

        Thanks for the feedback. We really wanted to keep the first version very simple, both for the owner and the visitors. We certainly considered the great suggestions here, including things like allowing a subset of images to be chosen, limiting the size of the files, and allowing watermarks. In the end, we tried to focus on the core of the feature and keeping things simple for everyone.

        It's enabled on some existing galleries, based entirely on whether or not Originals were enabled in those galleries or not. If someone had Originals enabled, they were already allowing the photos to be downloaded and we made the process easier to do it for multiple photos. If they had Originals blocked, we made sure that visitors could not get a zip file after this change unless the owner decides to allow it.

        Oh, and the zip file will not include photos that you have hidden.

      • Magnus Becker commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I'm not sure if I should be happy or mad. On the positive side we finally have a feature that allows the download of whole galleries for guests, on the other hand this is the most basic implementation one can think of and we waited years for that.

        There have been numerous suggestions how to make this feature a great one, which seem to have gone ignored for the most part.

        On the side note: what happens with hidden files? Are they downloaded too?
        Another side note: you made this enabled for already existing galleries. I think that might not always be in the interested of the owner. Would have been good if for existing galleries the feature is initially disabled.

        Not really happy how this whole topic was dealt with. :/

      • Guy Schlacter commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Coinciding with this release should be the ability to bundle digital downloads (for when we charge), and coupons for bulk downloading in specific resolutions. PLEASE.

      • Anthony commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


        I'm a just new user who subscribed to power plan. I thought that the bulk download would be available for visitors with which I share a link to my galleries. I'm quite disappointed that it's not the case : the bulk download is only available for the owner. While I still enjoy my subscription, I'm looking forward to get this bulk download functionality for visitors ! It was the main reason I subscribed to smugmug, and I'm not sure I will renew my subscription plan next year if it's not available.


      • Magnus Becker commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I'm glad you guys are still working on this feature. I hope the long time it takes means that you are implementing it in a well thought through way. I'd really appreciate that. We'd be happy to see some results soon though.

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I administer a school's SmugMug site, and we have required memory books at the end of the year. Since all parents contribute to the photo galleries, we need a way of being able to download the photos with only our kids' photos, not entire galleries. SmugMug has enabled us to Tag our children's photos with their names, but we have no way of downloading those photos in bulk. Please, fix this! 80 families requesting their children's photos zip filed and sent is more work than the SmugMug heroes should be required to do. It has the school board members re-thinking the use of the SmugMug site as our photo cache for the year.

      • Rob Perry commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Once the "Select Images for Download" and "Download All" features are made available, can you tell me which SmugMug Subscription Plans will include these features?

      • Michael Allie commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Just as a reminder: If you want to give someone the ability to download an entire gallery prior to this new feature being enabled, there is a way to do that. You can generate a link that allows you to download a zip file of all of the pictures in a gallery, and then just send that link to your customers, friends, etc. I've been doing this for years and it works really well.

      • Christabel commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Is there an update as to when this bulk download gallery will be available? I shoot for events where there are hundreds images. And I would never inconvenient my client to download one by one, so have been sharing via google drive or dropbox. I shouldn't have to do that, when I am paying a membership to utilize smugmug. Would appreciate any update!

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Hi @Aaron

        Is there any chance you could update everyone about the release date of this feature?

        It´s very frustrating that my family has to pay 0.65 pounds to download a gallery and this cannot be set to free as I am paying the highest band of smugmug account.


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