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allow Pros to remove footer

This was apparently a short lived option. Some folks are still grandfathered in, but Smugmug's current policy is to force a smugmug branding on our sites (various tricks to hide it are prohibited).

I understand the need for branding, but as Pros paying quite a bit yearly, I think we should have the choice of whether we want the branding or not. I feel as if Smugmug is trying to play a small part at running my site.

Can we get this option back please?

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    LinhLinh shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
    KTKT shared a merged idea: allow Pros to remove footer as more than 200 other Pro users have suggested...  ·   · 
    JetrangerJetranger shared a merged idea: Remove the Ads in the footer as in the Legacy system.  ·   · 
    JakkJakk shared a merged idea: I want to be able to remove the smug mug footer, it looks horrible and has confused several clients!  ·   · 
    DamienDamien shared a merged idea: Smugmug footer removal  ·   · 
    tlcmatlcma shared a merged idea: Remove all of SmugMug info and footer on the bottom of the web page  ·   · 


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      • BrysonBryson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        So, Evan (SmugMug)... what's the next step here? Is there a vote among SM to make this happen? How does change take place at SM and how long is the process? I've been with you guys for years and have found the organization reasonable in most cases with change.

        Happy, but interested in your company's position, as it relates to this "branding issue" for the working photographer.

      • RyanRyan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Afraid I have been 'tricked' into it as well. Not at all happy and have just sent them the following mail:

        Dear Sir/Madam,

        I have joined SmugMug in the past week, so far proving happy with my
        recent $300 annual purchase. I trialed other companies before deciding
        to give you my business. In the past few days I have already been
        disappointed to see the forced "Powered by SmugMug" at the bottom right
        of my developing website. I have searched online to see many other
        disgruntled customers, including a thread where over 1000 customers
        have voted against the forced issue. This is really disappointing as
        one of the key features that you advertised was promising a unique,
        brand-free, advertisement free website for users that paid more money.
        Yet, already I feel I have been lied to.

        Is there a way to either minimize the text or remove it? I have read
        that you don't allow it to be removed. Surely if that is the case
        though, you have breached your promise with me as a prospective
        customer. For a website apparently made by photographers, for
        photographers, I am sure you understand how it can seem unprofessional
        to have a host name mentioned. Quite simply, I would likely have took
        my business elsewhere if I had known this in advance.

        I shall look forward to hearing back from you.

      • johnjohn commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I totally agree to the removal of the Smugmug Pro brand on my website, this is totally unnecessary considering that this is a Pro account.

      • Evan Deffley (evan)AdminEvan Deffley (evan) (Admin, SmugMug) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        KT, since your original feedback was posted as a new idea (rather than a comment on an existing idea), I don't believe there's a way for us to transition that to a comment on this thread. However, I'll paste it here exactly as you wrote it. Also, feel free to place it in to a new comment on this thread. Thanks, and we really appreciate your feedback!

        KT's original comment regarding the ability to remove the footer is as follows:

        "I have personally requested SmugMug to allow Pro users the opportunity to remove the totally unprofessional footers that most all of my clients/visitors have questioned and or become entangled, confused, lost-in, and most importantly distracted by. A small bit of research reveals that at least 200 other Pro users agree wholeheartedly! Come on SmugMug...either let the Pro users keep or drop the footers or as one Pro suggested "Pony Up" by paying us for your advertisement or give us or freedom of choice which we are already more than paying for!"

      • KTKT commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Thanks to both of you for early response...very much appreciated! However, you both only responded to my last 2 of 3 comments; essentially overlooking my first entry which is in line with my remarks that I would appreciate being posted to this matter as well. The initial comment (which has not been posted) was listed/earmarked (possibly mistakenly) by me to as for the "General Pro" category. As such I would appreciate it too being rerouted to the "allow pros to remove footer" arena. Thanks, KT

      • Evan Deffley (evan)AdminEvan Deffley (evan) (Admin, SmugMug) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Hi KT,

        Apologies for the confusion! As Aaron mentioned, we did receive your comments. We merged your feedback in to the existing request for allowing Pros to remove the footer. Your vote was contributed to the idea here. Thank you!

      • aaronAdminaaron (Product Manager / DGrin Admin, SmugMug) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        @KT: Each week one Product Manager is assigned to monitor the Feedback forums and approve the comments and submitted ideas. The idea you submitted this morning was a duplicate of this idea; your submission was approved but then merged into this topic. Your vote has been added to this idea. I've also gone ahead and approved one of the 2 comments you created on this thread.

        One of the things we'd love to see in this software is better automatic management of duplicate ideas. Since it doesn't, we moderate all idea submissions and all comments. We're trying to get to all comments/ideas within an hour but sometimes we're it may take a bit longer since we're a small team and we're often working to deliver you these products that you're so passionate about us adding! We do want your feedback, your comments, and we do want to hear and be able to discuss these ideas with you.

        Have you checked out the discussions on this topic on dgrin? There may be some solutions on there with regards to the footer. For example: http://www.dgrin.com/showthread.php?t=237930&highlight=footer or http://www.dgrin.com/showthread.php?t=248507&highlight=footer

      • KTKT commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Do you allow/post comments etc. regarding this clearly important issue? If yes, can I expect to see my post sent to you earlier today?

        Please respond...
        Pro user

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I would also like it removed even if it means paying a bit more it does lessen my brand (as a web developer)

      • KirstenKirsten commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        This is an item on my growing list of reasons to seriously consider ditching Smugmug altogether.

        Smugmug, this is a very simple fix. I pay you a large chunk of cash for my pro account. I pay you so I can COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZE my site. If you want free advertisement on my site, pony up.

        Trust me, if I like the service you provide, I will tell ALL of my photographer friends (of whom I have many). Right now, I am instead giving them my growing list of reservations, such as, you can't remove their annoying little credit line on the bottom of the page, many company networks block my website because it is flagged as a media uploading site (yes, my ENTIRE site, which wasn't an issue two months ago), and there's no option for a client login page without either relying on an emailed link or showing the entire world my list of clients.

        This is very frustrating, and the "powered by" line can't possibly be giving you more business than it is ******* of your customers. Think about it. Really, you don't even need a brain for this one. If I like your service, I WILL TELL PEOPLE. If I'm annoyed by you decisions and lack of response to feedback, I WILL TELL PEOPLE, then I will leave.

      • Tim StoweTim Stowe commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        When I first discovered this, I was pretty annoyed.

        And then I got over it.

        Then I got to thinking - do my clients really actually care if I'm proficient at website design? Do they even notice? It's like an "Intel Inside" sticker on your computer. "Wait! The people who built that computer aren't building the processors themselves? I'm not buying that thing!"

        That said, I do still want it gone... But it's a pretty minor deal.

      • JoJo commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        this realllly annoys me I pay for the pro option and seeing smugmug on the bottom of my site does NOT look pro!!!

      • Ethereal LightEthereal Light commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Car dealers do not pay me to use their license plate brackets so they are removed. I pay a premium as a pro user and I should not have to use SmugMug branding such as the footer and shopping cart branding. I get it for lower level subscriptions but please SmugMug give us pros the option to remove branding! I didn't have the footer in legacy smug, but now that I switched over to the new, I can't remove the powered by SmugMug. I might look for another host. This is very disappointing...

      • BillBill commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Dang...this just broke the deal for me. Sorry Smugmug...I don't pay you AND promote you...I utilize you as a service for my gain...Bye

      • TobyToby commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I've just e-mailed them about this issue as we are a company about to start using Smugmug. It looks like I have found my answer here!

        I can not believe that this is not possible! Very very unprofessional. We are in fact only going for the mid option plan for which I can actually understand and deal with having the 'Powered by Smugmug' there but we would definitely look to get the top plan is this feature was included.

        If Smugmug are not going to offer it as an option in plans then they should at least offer it as some sort of one off payment. We have done this with our mailer company to remove their company foot links from our mailers.

        Think about it Smugmug. We have 13 days left on our trail and may go with Zenfolio (who allow full removal of branding on their £100 a year plan) if this cannot be sorted, which is a shame as I really love Smugmugs backend! (no smirking now please)

      • ChuckChuck commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Removing the footer would be great, but there needs to be a way to remove the branding in the shopping cart as well.

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        This just truly is pathetic smugmug.. All these years go by and you still haven't figured it out, I can't really believe that a company that seems so smart would be doing something this dumb. I feel so lucky I didn't get tricked like so many in finding out about this particular branding issue after signing up, and the way you word your homepage is totally misleading.

        I had been talking to my biz partner for months about smugmug. On initial glance my assumption was it was probably the best out there, especially after reading about the brand customization. Now I finally setup a trial I've only been messing around for one day before I discovered this issue, thank goodness there is at least a trial so I could have seen this first hand, saved me a big headache and stress. Stress kills you know, and I've got enough as it is in this stupid economy. I was almost totally sold too, just about to get a PRO account. Obviously, now I have to look somewhere else, which makes me sad because I wanted to fall deeply in love with you. I can't date someone who makes me look bad in public, who acts like a greedy selfish child.

        As much as I like the way the content management system and site customization works, the inability to completely and thoroughly remove smugmug branding on my site for a pro account is a total deal breaker. It is in fact ridiculous that you would call it a pro account and market it as fully customizable to MY brand. With a pro account, we should have the option to make this at the very least less obvious. My website hosting company doesn't say anything about themselves on my sites and of course they are far cheaper per month. I'm a website developer as well, and I would NEVER force a client to advertise me. ESPECIALLY one that would be paying an annual fee that is as high as yours.

        It is one thing to refer people personally to your company, if someone asks me, that is something I would have probably done depending on the vibe the person gives me. Totally different to place links and copyrights on the site that redirect ANY visitor to smugmug. You have effectively removed all the value of your service for a professional with this policy, and every professional can see how unprofessional you really are.

        I can just see how this would cause a lot of confusion for clients, and a lot of wasted time explaining what smugmug is and how it relates to my business. Clearly the only people who care to read this thread are the frustrated users, I don't see anyone from smugmug looking to make things right. Sad. Shows you don't care about your top tier customers and their most crucial needs.

        It's fine with me if you want people to have a TOS somewhere, or privacy policy for legal reasons. Very few people will read that anyhow and I don't care if it has smugmug information, as long as I can preface that with a description that says smugmug is my image and website hosting company to somewhat eliminate confusion. However for pro accounts, the placement of such things should be up to us, not plastered on every single gallery along with a bunch of advertising links to smugmug.

        Photo sharing, about smugmug, browse photos, prints & gifts are all advertising links for smugmug. This is absolutely unacceptable for a PRO account. Are you out of your minds? When you wake the F*** up and fix this, I hope I find out, because I really wanted to fall in love with you.

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Everyone that pays for a service must have the choise to advertise their services.
        " Powerd by smugmug "

      • randy zimmerrandy zimmer commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        SmugMug was closest thing I found to letting me have a professional site. Your value is letting me portray my business as self proficient. I use all kinds of vendors behind the scenes like every other business. I dont promote the vendors that I buy my photo products I sell- like cards, books, etc - they are free to reach end users direct as well- but I bring them orders from over 100 people. I didnt realize this limitation until I paid for account- but I will be using a photo template with wordpress and a hosting service and leaving SmugMug. If you decide to offer a pro service for real business and be a behind the scenes vendor like my other vendors- please let me know. You have to decide if you want MY business or just partner with me as a marketing tool to my end customers. I'm not interested in the latter- thanks

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